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Green Mower

That̢۪s why we have just the product you need! Our self-propelled design makes light work of the most sloping green, while the smooth rear roller helps you to get the perfect-looking finish. Hardened blades mean fewer chips that might spoil the even cut, while separate clutches on the rear roller and cylinder ensure maximum flexibility. This product is also suitable for cricket pitches and bowling greens.

Model 14.242GS 1642HS
Engine 14.5 HP, OHV Briggs & Stratton AVS 16 HP, OHV Briggs & Stratton AVS
Charging System Wet Battery Wet Battery
Hood JD Loy, Uv Resistant JD Loy, Uv Resistant
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.3 L 8.3 L
Front Axle Cast Iron Cast Iron
Steering System Sector & Pinion Sector & Pinion
Turning Radius 45 cm (18 in.) 45 cm (18 in.)
Tyres (Front/Rear) 15x6-6 / 20x8-8 15x6-6 / 20x8-8
Transmission Dana 4360, 5-speed, in line shift Tuff Torq K46,2 pedal automatic
Travel Speeds - -
First Gear 2.4 Km/h 0-9.3 Km/h, infinite speed control
Secound Gear 3.2 Km/h -
Third Gear 5.0 Km/h -
Forth Gear 6.4 Km/h -
Fifth Gear 8.0 Km/h -
Reverse 3.7 Km/h -
Mower Deck 106 cm (42 in.), Mulch-Ready 166 cm (42 in.), Mulch-Ready
Blades Two ll-Purpose Two ll-Purpose
Material 12-Gauge Steel 12-Gauge Steel
Mounting System Quik-Tatch, No Tools Needed Quick-Tatch, no tools needed
Cutting Height 7 Position,2.5-10 cm(1-4 in.) 7 Position, 2.5-10 cm (1-4 in.)
Net Weight 199 kg 208 Kg


Golf Green Machine - Model 20"
Engine TypeElectricRobin EY20Honda GX160
Power Output1100 W5 hp - 4-stroke5.5 hp - 4-stroke
Chassis TypeSteelSteelSteel
Cutting Width510 mm510 mm510 mm
Height Adjustment2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
Chassis Thickness3.5 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm
Wheels29.50 mm29.50 mm29.50 mm
Grass Catcher Capacity40 l.40 l.40 l.
Recommended Lawn SizeLargeLargeLarge
Golf Green Machine - Model 20"
Power Output1500 W5 hp - 4-strokeHonda GX160
Chassis typeSteelSteelSteel
Cutting width630 mm630 mm630 mm
Height adjustment2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
2 bolts
2 - 35 mm
Chassis thickness3.5 mm3.5 mm3.5 mm
wheels29.50 mm29.50 mm29.50 mm
Grass catcher capacity50 l.50 l.50 l.
Recommended lawn sizeExtra largeExtra largeExtra large